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Description of Techniques Used to Understand Users and Their Tasks, and Its Results

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Description of techniques used to understand users and their tasks, and its results

In this project, we decided to conduct the research by implement the use of questionnaires technique. This is because questionnaires are easier to give to broader audience. The questions included are closed and opened form. Closed questions are easier to analyze, and may be distributed and analyzed by computer.

User Analysis

User Profile (Male only)

Wong Wen Bin

Leong Ming Sern

Law Zhuo Heng


Student (Food Science)

Client Growth Specialist

Student (Financial Mathematics)






Setapak, KL

Kajang, Cheras

Sungai Long, Cheras

Tool used 

Google Maps, phone alarm

Phone notepad


Knowledge about BYOB




Using biodegradable package




User goals

-Find restaurant that support BYOB

-Easy to use

- Track the usage of own bottle by himself

-Increase usage of biodegradable-packaging product

-Increase the usage of own bottle

Wong Wen Bin: Persona for expert user

Wong Wen Bin is 21 years old, a senior TARUC student who is currently taking Food Science course. Due to his study area which is related to chemistry, he has the habit of eating healthy foods and support the Bring Your Own Bottle Activity. He started support BYOB since he entered university and shared his thoughts to people around him to convince them to support BYOB too. He often use Google Maps to find restaurants that support BYOB around his living area. He is willing to spend more than half an hour to find BYOB restaurant using Google Maps. Recently, he entered the second year of his course, his timetable become more packed and does not have enough time like before to find the place to dine. So he tries to find a more effective and faster ways to find BYOB restaurant to save his time. He wishes to find a app that suggest him the restaurant around his area within 10 minutes.


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