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1941 War Movie Renactment

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1st September 1939

On the 1st September 1939, all hell and chaos breaks loose.  World War II has begun.

“What’s happening?” asks Sebastian. Sebastian, his dad Wolfgang and his mother Maria have just heard about the beginning of World War II. The Nazis have invaded Poland. Wolfgang’s face is very pale, Maria is so shocked she’s not moving and looks like she’s seen a ghost. Wolfgang answers his son simply with a hug and says stay safe son. They start to hide when the silence erupts with a hand grenade exploding 10m away from their house, they are now bursting through doors and trying to find a place to hide. Eventually they hide in a large closet behind blankets and pillows. By the time they have settled there have already been a lot of Austrians AND Nazis killed.

Suddenly their front door gets kicked opened and Nazi soldiers rummage through the house, trying to find people. They then walk slowly onto the second floor and turn instinctively down the wide corridor, a few Nazis walk past the closet on the left of the corridor until one of them stops and talks in German to the others. The Nazi that stopped opens the closet cautiously and backs away quickly as Wolfgang comes running out at them. The Nazis are screaming orders to get the family in cuffs as Wolfgang comes out punching one of them hardly under the chin and another in the stomach when the General suddenly gets in the fight from behind and sticks a bayonet into him. As he falls to the ground bleeding heavily he weakly says “I love you” and lays still. Maria starts raging and screams at the Nazis while Sebastian watches his father with tears coming down his face.

Sebastian and Maria are taken to a German Nazi base in Frankfurt and are held custody. They’re put into a cell separated by bars, but they are still able to see each other. Their cell is surrounded by a number of other prisoners. All Maria and Sebastian have now is a plain concrete ground with brick walls around them. They aren’t allowed toilets, beds or even food. Sebastian is literally ripping out his hair because of his frustration and fury. Maria has eyes that are full of anger and she is imagining grabbing the General who stabbed Wolfgang and cutting him in half.

The next day, prisoners get shipped out to concentration camps and other bases. Maria and Sebastian are forced to board a freight train to go to a concentration camp in Berlin. While prisoners are boarding Nazis are getting weaponry, ammo and kits for the journey. Maria and Sebastian knew they weren’t going somewhere happy so they planned to jump off when either the guards were talking or distracted. Maria knew they would have a bigger chance of living if they jump than going to concentration camp so she made the decision to jump.


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