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12 Angry Men

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This movie was great to see again and to experience all the different dynamics that were occurring amongst the 12 jurors. The time frame in which this movie takes place is not too different than what we experience today in our judicial system. The major differences today would be we do not discriminate based upon age, race or gender. All three of these factors would influence how the jurors would interact with one another and would eventually have a major impact on the final verdict. Juror 8 was so successful in convincing the other 11 jurors for two simple facts. He demonstrated assertiveness and use of reason. While his peers and the foreman fell into a group think mentality from the outset of the movie.

Once the 12 jurors are escorted to the deliberation room and checked in the forming of the group commenced. When the bailiff locks the door all the jurors minus number 8 are surprised. The mood of the room turns from relief to despair. Juror 8 does not say a thing nor does he turn away from the window he is looking out of. The foreman at this time tries to call all the jurors to the table and start the deliberation process. The foreman starts out by instructing the group to perform a blind vote on the case. The foreman starts out by trying to have the total buy in from the group and does not create any type of rules or guidelines he wishes to place on the deliberation process. By doing this the foreman is playing the role of conformity and not from a position of a leader. The group at this stage is still forming and there is not a true leader nor have roles been defined. The foreman does have the jurors sit around the table in sequential order based upon their juror number. From this point the blind vote occurs and comes back 12 to 1 guilty.

The jurors find out that number 8 is the only person that is voting not guilty. When asked why he voted this way juror 8 states that he has reasonable doubt that the son did not do it and wants to talk about all the options and evidence. This one interaction in the movie took the group from the forming stage to the storming stage. The group now exists and roles are starting to be defined, but the clear leader has not be identified amongst the group. During this portion, juror 8 uses his intellect and reason to start the foundation of creating reasonable doubt amongst the other 11 jurors. The foreman then asks the group if they would like to go around the table and discuss their positions on the case. He does obtain buy in from all 11 jurors.

Juror 2 states he has no reason why the boy is guilty other than he knows that he did it. Juror 2 throughout the movie was persuaded many times by the different opinions and viewpoints of the group. Next, juror 3 starts out by stating he is basing his decision on facts and has no personal feelings involved in his reasoning process. Through out the movie juror 3 was very electrified and had a very


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