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Working Women Vs Housewives

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Firsty, housewives spend most of their time at home. They don’t regret any time of their life to miss their kids’ first step, first word spoken and all their memorable moments.Moreover, their kids are brought up with so much love and care. Their children don’t feel lonely and are so much pampered.And their kids are less affected by illness. Indeed, they feel more protected and safe .Their moms are always available for them for any assistance. Furthermore, as kids grow they need more parental involvement in their lives otherwise they can be affected by inappropriate peer influences. At this stage mother is crucial for them, housewives take this responsibility effectively. Their kids have more moral values and know what is bad and good for them.Finally, Children need their own mothers to be with them in their all important life events.

Other than being better mothers, housewives can also be better wives than working women. A husband expects his wife to take care of him, love him and respect him. Housewives always achieve these expectations because they have a lot of time at home. They always keep the house clean and tidy which make their husbands feel peaceful.In addition , housewives are always there to greet their tired husbands with a smile when they return from their work. This

Whenever a girl thinks of her marriage, she is mostly affraid of being not compatible with her mother in law. Here comes another advantage of being housewives. Mothers in law also have some expectations from their daughters in law like to be more responsible, to take care of home, to keep their sons happier and to be good mothers .Therefore, having more time at home, helps housewives to do household works effectively.For example, housewives take all responsibilities of their homes as they buy household items , pay bills and keep everything in order .Also, they prepare delicious dishes which impresses their mothers in law .Futhetmore, they take care of their mothers


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