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Women's Historical Development

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Women’s Historical Development

Women have come a long way to prove to society that they can do and have the same skills as men; being intellectual; dominating; think the same and to devour challenges like men. This type of acknowledgement ranges from being a mechanic; a political icon; pilot; astronaut to become CEO’s and managers for companies; not to mention, presidents and prime ministers for their countries. They have proved of their dedication, dependability and determination to conquer these tasks. In this paper, you will read about how women overturn their rights to be accepted as a part of society; how they overcome isolation in the domestic sphere and the opportunities that women have in society today.

This dignity and urge came about during the nineteenth and twentieth century; when American women inspired by their essence to change the everyday roles of women for the future especially, after World War II. During 1869 to 1920, women formed an organization used to conquer the movement to reform social, economic, political and domestic suffrage. By developing this movement, it helped women to overcome the struggle to vote and work, while consistently participating to fight for equality in other aspects of life that male dominates. American women’s life is not without conflict since the reconstruction (Women’s Suffrage Organization, Library of Congress).

The establishment of companies, organizations, unions and leagues by women of all ethnicity were compiled to get the public’s attention. Many women activists played a large role in organizations that included key reformers who form other clubs for others to get involve. By gaining the support of women, helped to put an end to segregation that could not keep silent from those who opposed it.

In 1890, women began to advocate their rights to vote with the help of Carrie Chapman Catt who established the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) to show that they too have a say in which was a turning point for them. They did not know how far their advocacy would reach to develop other organizations such as the Woman’s Suffrage Organization, which later merged into the National Women’s Party (NWP) in 1916 (Women’s Suffrage Organization, Library of Congress). These two groups normally operated as separate organizations, but unite together due to having the same criteria, goals and tactics in mind that strengthens the women’s right movement.

The National Women’s Party, formerly known as the Congressional Union Women founded in 1891 by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns are known activists who campaigned for women’s right to vote. The NWP was located and headquartered in Washington, D.C., on Jackson Place in Lafayette Square. The NWP members were very highly educated intellectuals from a middle class background who shared their strong beliefs and ideas in dominating women


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