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What Are the Key Elements of Toshiba’s Business Strategy in Notebook Computers? in What Way Do Ome’s Operations Support This Strategy?

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1. What are the key elements of Toshiba’s business strategy in notebook computers? In what way do OME’s operations support this strategy?

In each and every company, there are ups and downs. Even though Toshiba faced many competitors who brought it down and took its first position, Toshiba still have advantages over its competitors in some technologies such as thin film color displays, hard disk drives, lithium ion batteries … Also, the business strategy that Toshiba used in notebook computers was

• Product leadership: Toshiba was the result of a merger between 2 japanese companies which created electrical products such as electrical motors, fluorescent lamps, and it became the first in the world to introduce the DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chip and the first laptop computer called T3100 and it was first to introduce portable laptops

• Aggressive pricing or Pricing leadership: When Toshiba was able to cut its prices to the minimum and increase its production. A decision made by the manufacturing engineering manager. Production used to be 150 per day and it became 300 per week

• High product quality: The company really cared about its product quality when they have assigned 4 workers to take care only of the laptops quality, and according to exhibit 6, 2 managers and 4 supervisors were assigned for quality assurance. They have also mentioned that double checking work also leads to a higher quality products, according to Ikeya-san

• Operational excellence: Toshiba provided its customers reliable products with lower price and much less inconvenience to its customers.

• Customer intimacy which tailor its products to whatever the customers need and also providing high quality and unique products over its competitors

Vigilance was the most important thing that made Toshiba successful. By always changing and adapting to the environment,


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