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What Are Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals, and How Will a Chicago Booth Mba Help You Reach Them?

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Chicago Booth:

What are your short-term and long-term goals, and how will a Chicago Booth MBA help you reach them? (500 words)

I want to excel in anything I do and I believe that in order to achieve something great in this life, you need to have the courage to take risks and learn from your failures.  Doing an MBA has always been a dream and a challenge for me. I have been lucky enough to get an education from different countries, learn new things and being able push myself to best of my potential has made me the person I am today. Chicago Booth provides the ideal opportunity to cultivate my intellectual understanding of business management within a classroom setting, and explore innovative ideas with a diverse and global student body. My short-term goal is to transition into the Social Media Marketing, is part and parcel of my ultimate objective, which is to use these marketing techniques in a business setting for companies to use  in order to better understand what customers really want.

I have developed my technical experience during my tenure in BlueOcean Market Intelligence. As a Social Media analyst, I have developed diversified range of skill-set that have generated praise. In conjunction with technical skills, I actively cultivated my ability to interact with clients, lead and colleagues and enable business projects. However, in order to become a Social Media expert I still require the fundamental acumen in finance, accounting, marketing and other core business areas. The opportunity to enrich my knowledge of these fundamental disciplines, within an educational context that emphasise the importance of global business and internationalism, leads me squarely towards Chicago Booth.

Booth’s unique curriculum is specifically tailored to meet my educational requirements. First the four-semester of the program will expose me to a board array of courses cultivating fundamental business analysis skills. Second, the strategy concentration curriculum with international strategy, strategy implementation, and international operations management `will allow me to develop in-depth knowledge preparing me well for my immediate aspirations in social media analysis. In addition, this coursework will enhance my intellectual understanding of global business models and strategy, which will serve my long-term aim of leading or starting a multinational corporation. Chicago Booth also boasts an extremely dynamic international student body, allowing me to learn among leaders from all over the world and understand more on cultural similarities and differences. Moreover, in order to supplement my intellectual development with practical consulting training. Coupled with my business – oriented aims, I also aspire to continue my commitment to educational awareness in the society.


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