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Two Ways to Increase a Profit of a Company

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  • Two ways to increase a profit of a company
  • Increase the shareholder value
  • Increase the level of profit abilities
  • ROIC – Return on invested capital
  • Sustained competitive advantage
  • If a company has above average profitability for over 3 years, they have sustained competitive advantage
  • Business Model
  • 3 dimensions
  • Customer groups
  • Who are the customers?
  • Customer needs
  • What kind of needs of customers are being satisfied?
  • Distinctive competencies
  • How are these customers being satisfied?

In-class handout questions:

Customer groups: Women who have been cheated or want to avoid cheaters

  • Women who would like to see information about potential or current partners

Customer needs: To avoid men who are cheaters

  • Reassurance

Distinctive competencies: Posting the profiles of cheaters

  • Fundamental flaw of business: Potential for imitation of the company
  • How to prevent that:
  • Build your customers as large and as quick as possible
  • Two types of stakeholders:
  • External
  • Customers
  • Advertising companies
  • Lawyers
  • Suppliers
  • Internal
  • Shareholders
  • Employers

Four important things to keep in mind:

  • Be an imitator
  • Do not be a perfect imitator – if you can do it, someone else can do too
  • Do not build your business based on the conflict of two stakeholders
  • If you were a business consultant
  • Important is how to solve the operational problems in a company – competitive advantage
  • Coming up with a business idea is not as important


Reasoning by analogy bias examples:

  • Today is a paradise. Hence, we do not need an umbrella
  • Forming some sort of conclusion based on a metaphor


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