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Rural Marketing in India

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Marketers are taking key interest in marketing their products in the rural

markets these days. In India, there is a huge gap between the urban and

rural markets in terms of literacy levels, standard of living, disposable

income, occupation etc. It has become really difficult to survive in the

urban markets because of cutthroat competition as well as the advanced

products expected by the consumers in short intervals. However, rural

markets carry a greater potential for expansion.

In India, more than 60% of the total population resides in rural sectors

and these sectors are huge and scattered. The real income of rural

households has increased from 2.8% to 3.6%. Higher incomes and

exposure to urban lifestyles have raised the aspirations of the rural

population to improve their standard of living and gain access to new

products and services.

Marketing strategies that consider all the elements of the marketing mix

and are designed according to the requirements of the market will

surely lead to success in rural markets.

Companies like Coca Cola, Colgate, Eveready batteries, Parle, Micromax

etc. are enjoying great success in rural markets due to effective

marketing. At present, rural India accounts for 34% in FMCG

consumption. HUL has launched special initiatives such as, “Project

Shakti” to push its rural sales, and has also introduced a television

channel called “Shakti Amma”. You must have heard about Parle- G

being priced at Rs 2, Chik shampoos sold in sachets at 50 paise and 500

gram packs of Godrej soaps priced at Rs.5. All these are in line with the

rural psychology of high aspirations and price consciousness.

Nokia had earlier launched Nokia 1100 with a torch. Further it launched



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