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Physical Activity and Fitness

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Physical Activity and Fitness

I wanted to write this paper on physical activity and fitness because it is something I can relate to that influences my life in a positive. Yet something that can be so simply done and taken care of on a daily basis is so seldom used in most peoples’ daily routine. Thus large portions of our society of all aged, ethnicity, and gender is in poor physical condition. Our society needs to begin to incorporate more physical fitness in ones life allowing longer life spans, less chance of illness and disease, positive attitudes, and boosts self-efficacy. This has allowed many people to experience these positive effects just through physical fitness frequently, myself included.

Within the past few decades our health has gone in a decline in terms of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and mainly obesity. Now some say it could be because of genetics, and it may very well be. Although in my opinion I feel our society’s health has gone in a negative way because of our advancement in technology. If you stop and think about it ever since more computer games, video game consoles, television, and other man made technological pieces to make like easier on us it has taken a negative toll on our personal health. Which is why it is reported that ¼ of United States children spend four hours or more watching television as opposed to being outdoors or participating in physical activities to improve health. Now in days you have many younger children are staying inside all day playing video games on a nice day out side instead of going out and being creative involving physical activities improving their fitness levels.

Not only has it just been advancement in our technology that has started to hinder our society’s physical health, but with the way we decide to choose poor diets and not do anything to counter it such as physical fitness. When you have more fast food chains being launched all over the country, and less and less physical fitness centers being put up there becomes an unbalance problem, one that doesn’t favor physical fitness. Within the last ten years adults aged eighteen and older, 40% of them don’t participate in leisure physical activity. While only 15% of people participate in physical activity for thirty minutes, five days a week. Also only 23% of our society reported to go through vigorous physical activity on a frequent basis.

Not only is it important for us to start to increase people’s physical fitness levels on a daily basis, but to remind them the importance of how physical fitness touches on all of the dimensions of wellness. Through physical fitness it will be considered under the “physical” dimension of health where it keeps absence of diseases, disabilities, and physiological functioning through different forms of exercising and other physical activities. Also by going out and participating in physical fitness it allows you


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