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My Aspiration as a Techie

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My aspiration as a techie

A for artificial intelligence, A for android and a for application. I saw my cousins applauding for their 3 year old as he rattled of words beginning with A. This was one of those typical admiration clubs where a group of elders are ogling at the little one who is being coaxed by his/her parents to perform for the public.

What caught my attention was not the age old ritual of flaunting/demonstrating capability in public but the choice of words that little Ankush had made. The next task was to use the i-pad and give “Dadi” a makeover. The icing on the cake was the speed challenge game in which little Ankush finished an online formula one race in a record breaking time of 1min. Phew!!! I said to myself this little one was a gizmo himself.

He defied Maslows hierarchy of needs, yes come to think of it. Ankush and his generation have actually inverted the hierarchy of needs with Self Actualization being the basic need. Let me explain why I say so. Self actualization is defined as seeking peak experiences and attaining self fulfillment. This world of technology does exactly that, it enables each one of us to experience and view the world the way we want to, with the help of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The highlight is the word “self”. This technology enabled world turns us into self -centric individuals who feel empowered as we click the button and make my choice at amazon, order food that I like , play the game that I want, listen to the music I like and finally block all those that I don’t like on social media.

This is so empowering but what it unintentionally does is, leaves aside the- us. So values like sacrifice, compromise, compassion, empathy etc have automatically taken a back seat and a lot of this emerges from the way we use technology and how much of technology do we let ourselves get consumed by.

I will soon be a computer engineer


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