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How to Replace a Flat Tire

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Process Essay: How to Replace a Flat Tire

Every car uses tires and tires are quite fragile especially when they are utilized in extreme conditions. Cars are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury nowadays. In fact, it is difficult to find a household that does not have at least one car especially in a developed nation like the United States. Furthermore, cars are the most common means of transportation. As a result, it is necessary for every driver to know how to perform common maintenance operation like changing a tire. Drivers must not rely on their car mechanics to meet up with them wherever they are. This is because the tires could flatten in an unsafe location where the driver should leave immediately. Also, the mechanic could be out of range and even the driver could be out of coverage area when the tire goes flat.  Flat tires should be treated as emergency and this is another reason why every driver must learn how to change a flat tire. Fortunately, changing a flat tire is a short and easy task. This paper highlights the main process of changing a flat tire.

In order to be able to change a flat tire, the driver must possess simple tools like jack, lug wrench, and a fully inflated flat tire. Thankfully, these items come pre-installed in all new cars. In the event that any one of the items is missing in the car, the driver should purchase them because they are very important.

When the driver encounters a flat tire, such a person should not stop abruptly. The driver should reduce speed and scan the surroundings for a flat or level ground with a level shoulder. The flat or level ground prevents the car from rolling. Also, cars coming from afar will easily spot the driver. The driver must not attempt changing on a narrow road. Instead, the driver can drive slowly till he or she gets a suitable place.

The driver should then turn on the hazard light in order to ensure identification. It is better to turn on the hazard lights as soon as the driver recognizes the need to pull over. Once stopped, the driver should engage the parking brake to minimize the possibility of rolling. Next is to apply wheel wedges in front or behind the tire to further minimize. In the absence of wheel wedges, the driver can utilize bricks or big stones.

Next is to remove the hubcap or wheel cover. It is easier to remove the lug nuts before lifting the vehicle with the jack if the vehicle has a hubcap covering the lug nuts. The driver should the use the lug wrench’s flat end to remove the hubcap.  Loosen the lug nuts with the lug wrench by turning it counterclockwise until the resistance is broken. When the lug nuts are loosened to about one-half or one-quarter, leave them without removing then completely. Complete removal will be done when it’s time to remove the tire or wheel from the car.


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