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Harley Davidson Group Case

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MGMT 2023 Professor: Franklin  Pruitt

Harley Davidson

There are few brands in the world that have the name recognition that Harley Davidson has. Once you hear the name images and opinions immediately appear. Some immediately think of tattoos, leather, and chaps. Some think of the wind in their hair, the open road, and the freedom that riding a Harley can bring. In this paper we will briefly tell you about the history of Harley Davidson, How their stock has fared over the years, their total quality management and business style, Harley the brand, their demographic, how Harley Davidson currently runs, and their financial health. After looking at all of these areas of the company you will see that Harley Davidson is a company with a rich history and a bright future

To begin with we need to look at the history of the Harley Davidson Company. In 1901, William S. Harley completed a blue print for a single cylinder engine that was designed to fit on a bicycle frame. Unbeknownst to him, the small engine design would eventually become Harley Davidson Motor Company and one of the most well-known motorcycle brands in history. The timing was perfect due to the instability of transportation at the time. While tinkering in Arthur Davidson’s father’s backyard shop, William Harley and Arthur Davidson founded the company in 1903. This same year the first production motorcycle was made available to the public. A schoolyard pal of the pair, Henry Meyer, actually bought one of the first models directly from the founders. By 1904 the first Harley Davidson dealer, C.H. Lang, opened for business in Chicago, Illinois. By 1909, they had the first V-twin powered motorcycle. The two cylinders in a 45 degree configuration quickly became one of the most enduring symbols in Harley Davidson’s history. The popular “Bar and Shield” symbol did not come to existence until 1910 with the patent following closely a year later. During this same time Harley Davidson began their legacy in racing, both long distance and hill climbs (Harley). By 1912 the motorcycle manufacturer had begun exporting motorcycles to Japan, while the U.S. dealer network had grown to over 200 dealers. Growth continued so rapidly that by 1920 Harley Davidson had become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The strength of Harley Davidson was shown in 1929 during the Great Depression; they were one of the few brands that managed to last into the 1940’s (Rohinesh). The next twenty years are filled with various advancements to machines and racing accomplishments, it was not until the late sixties that a company crossroads was realized.


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