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Do You Agree with This Law?

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Now that you are familiar with deterrence write a 2 to 3 page paper discussing how deterrence relates to humiliation. This is a form of deterrence gaining popularity among law makers. Ohio uses deterrence in to the oldest form, which is humiliation. Ohio requires all first time DUI offenders to wear a yellow license plate while on suspension with driving privileges.

Do you agree with this law? Why or why not? Research a similar law in your own state.

What humiliation practice does your state use?

Is this practice effective?

Please support your findings with statistics.

I believe that deterrence relates to humiliation by humiliating a person for what they had done wrong so that they will not do the same thing twice. It also can be used to show other people what the outcome is if they had done the same thing, so it deters other people from doing the same thing.

Do I agree with this law? Yes, I do agree with this law. The reason I agree with this law is because no one likes to be humiliated. It is announcing to the world that you did something wrong and in most cases it is known what you did wrong. For example, if a person was caught with a prostitute, their name was published and the people reading would deter from getting prostitutes because they would be afraid of being caught and having their name published also. Some parents use humiliation as a punishment on their children. I read that one mother mad her child hold a sign saying, “I am a theft, I am a liar, I am a drug dealer, I do not follow the law” while standing on the side of a road that was extremely busy. This had caused a lot of controversy. Some people found it to be cruelty, some people thought that this would make the child resent her and try to rebel. I feel that there are other ways to punish a child. I believe using humiliation


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