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Define and Discuss the Idea of Global Orientation and How It Applies to Us Economy

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1. Define and discuss the idea of global orientation and how it applies to US economy.

The definition itself is broad by nature; it includes any company that considers their company to be global and indeed markets itself and sales of its product or service worldwide.

Before I even read the text the first company that came to mind was McDonalds. It is a perfect example of a company that adapts to the location. Even in the United States McDonalds adapts it menu according to location, IE Hawaii, it sells Pineapple and Portuguese sausage. The text stated that it sells beer in Germany and wine in France. So what does all of this mean for the U.S. economy, in order to strive as a company, one must think about how to market the product to the masses?

A tourist seeking the authentic Moscow laments that Arbat street is no longer recognizable with its new architecture of Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Benetton, and French Perfumeries storefronts. Cities around the world have traffic-congested streets packed with Toyotas and BMWs, whole sides of buildings painted with Marlboro and Coca-Cola advertisements, and look-alike American-style shopping malls filled with Sony, Swatch, and Levi's. Advertising, cinema, and television project these images to the most remote parts of the globe. The world political economy of capitalism, global transport, communication, marketing, advertising, and transnational cosmopolitanism dissolve the boundaries across national cultures and national economies. The major agents of this global arena are transnational corporations (TNCs) that operate wherever opportunities arise within the global market, (Ger, G., 1999).

When some of my family went for a visit to China, they were never so excited to see Pizza Hut, it was something familiar that made them feel at home. It is a way to bring cultures and societies together over international boundaries. Even though Pizza Hut may different cultural characteristics it still had standardized commonalties making it familiar.

My son-in-law collect Coca-cola products, so when he received a Coke from China, he made not have been able to read what was on the can, but the color and design on the can was universal, just the writing was adapted for China. It's the same way kids all over the world know McDonalds by it golden arches.

Globalization consists of an ever-increasing number of worldwide chains of economic, social, cultural, and political activity as well as the intensification of levels of interaction between societies. Global flows of people, money, technology and information, media images, and ideologies are diverse and complex. Although these flows are dominated by TNCs, they are not unidirectional: in this nexus of multiple and asymmetric interdependencies, there is interplay and reciprocity. The development of taste and demand for such items as Vietnamese restaurants, Reggae music, Egyptian novels, Chinese


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