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Case Study Hyten Corporation

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What are some of the major problems facing the management of Hyten in accepting formalized project management?

The major problems that the management of Hyten facing in accepting formalized project management are:-

1) Disagreement about hiring outsider to manage new projects.

2) Evaluation procedure applied.

3) No consensus among functional managers about formalized project management.

Firstly, some of the functional managers were commented that Hyten Management should stop going to outside sources for competent people into Business Development Department to manage new projects. There are several competent people at Hyten who have MBA’s in System/Project Management, and their familiarity with company operations, it would be better to the company if selected personnel from within the organization. The so-called competent people at Hyten are going to start looking for new job and leave Hyten if Management continues to hire outsiders to head new projects.

Secondly, Personnel Department has highlighted concerns about evaluation procedure. The questions such as who will do the evaluation? Will the Functional Manager or Project Manager be solely responsible for the evaluation? The difficulties are 1) Functional Manager might never see the functional employee for the duration of project because functional manager cannot possibly follow on all the functional employees who are working on different projects. 2) Functional employee is on the project, for only a couple of weeks, and spends most of his time working alone, never getting a chance to know the project manager. 3) Different opinion or view on direction, quality of work, performance of functional employee especially when Functional Manager and Project Manager are on different job grade level and neither one has authority over the other.

Finally, formalized of project management not fully accepted by all functional managers because


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