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Cango Company Recommendations Case Study

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Analysis & Recommendations

TAC Consultants

Instructor: Dr. Wayde Marr

October 23, 2008

Overview of observations


I. Strategy

. Vision, Mission Statements, Goals for Company

. Project planning/Management

. Increase in sales

II. Customer Service

. Phone system improvements

. Return policy

.Time constraints

. Increase sales

III. Human Resources

. Review Process

. Follow through

.Team work

. Decision making processes/management



Welcome everybody, I’m Mark Tate and we here at TAC Consulting are here to put the “Can” and “Go” in CanGo. But first I’d like to give you a background on who we are and what we are all about.

T.A.C. stands for “Together All of us Can do it” and we have a strong team that works vigorously at finding and addressing organizational weaknesses. T.A.C. Consultants specialize in strategic consulting. We find specific areas to implement our solutions to those particular problems. Once our services are adapted our clients quickly recognize that we provide immediate room for growth and strategic advantage over their competitors. We teach our customers the same principles that we have, which are always putting the customer first, and providing the best service or product available in the most efficient manner.

CanGo is a company with great potential and they’ve already been recognized by the Hudson Valley Business Association as the fastest growing business in the region. Our goal at TAC is to work off that momentum and keep CanGo at the top of their market. We have broken it down into three areas with room for improvement, which are Strategy, Customer Service, and Human Resources.


TAC recognizes that CanGo is currently a local success story, and we wish to build on that by providing them a business strategy


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