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Australian Wine

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The internet can be an extremely resourceful source of information involving wine in Australia and the way in which it is marketed. The roles in which it plays involve price comparisons, live forums/blogs, descriptions, and ratings. Why are these online resources helpful? They give wine lovers everywhere the chance to examine what they are passionate about in a more personal way. Being able to see real people's comparisons and ratings sparks more interest to most people than company advertisement does. Web technologies are expanding each and every day. New websites with new capabilities are being created and published daily. Today, there are many online sites available for wine industries and wine lovers world-wide. These sites are constructed in a fun but educational environment and are built solely for people with a passion of wine to explore (

The first category of social media that I am going to discuss would be the community based category. Within this category there are multiple different websites that offer information in a "hands on experience" sort of way. There are a few main Australian sites to be observed, all of which allow viewers a free membership to sign up for. Being a part of this membership allows different people who share the same desire for wine to come together and share their passion. Many of these sites allow different wine brands to attach their own personal profiles. Within these personal profiles viewers are allowed access to the most current information about the specific wine brand. Information included in these sections are price ranges of different grape varieties, as well as pictures of the bottles with their brands that depict the colours in the grape variety as clearly and accurately as possible. These sites also allow group discussions or blogs about the different wine brands. These discussions allow viewers to share their private experiences with each brand, and also give people the


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