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A Woman or a Banana Leaf?

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A Woman or a Banana Leaf?

Are you frightened easily? I am not one who is frightened easily, even in some situations in which I saw that my friends were. I have my bravery with me at all times; but I must admit that one night I saw a figure that struck terror into my heart.

I remember the darkest night while I was walking home by myself. There was only light from the moon and the stars. It was the first night of my whole life that I was alone at such a late time, around 2 o’clock in the morning. There was no one on that road, and it seemed to be very quiet. Some noises that I could hear were made by insects and owls. In my mind, I thought that I had to walk as fast as I could. It was like in a movie in which my way to home seemed to be longer than a normal day.

There were many trees, including banana plants, on the sidewalk toward my home. I rarely looked at them, but I could see their shadows on the road. It was very creepy. Now in my brain, I started to think about ghost stories that I was told, especially about banana plants. I tried not to look at them on the sidewalk because they were scaring me. Suddenly, it was windy. The wind was blowing the branches, and many leaves had fallen down on the ground. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the banana plants. Then, I caught a sight of an old lady a short distance away. Her head was covered with a white cloth and she was wearing an old traditional Thai dress. She was waving to me and giving me a creepy smile, I think.

I was curious, so I stopped walking for a while. I wanted to know why she was there so late at night. As I stood there, vague memories of stories about ghosts began to come back to my mind, one after another. I was soon gripped with fear and took to my heels. I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached home, I could hardly speak.

My curiosity was still with me. So in the morning I decided to go back to that


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