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The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army is a Christian Church and an international moment that was establish in 1865, East end of London. The Salvation Army was establish by a minister name William Booth and his wife Catherine (             ). The Salvation Army was created to offer help to the poor the homeless, and hungry people. The Salvation Army called the Christian Mission before it was actually called the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army cam to Augusta, Ga on April 12, 1891 and it was the second official corps opened in the state.        

The Kroc Center came about when the estate of Joan Kroc made a large charitable donation of 51.5 billion to the Salvation Army to build and endow Ray and Joan Kroc Corps community centers across the United States. The Salvation Army had to do a study to make sure the Kroc centers prescribed parameter were in the guideline of the mission. The centers eventually increased in size as was able to serve more people and still preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The mission of the salvation army Kroc Center is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination(                 ). The Salvation Army stands by their visions. The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of Augusta’s visions is to provide excellent programs, facilities and services that will promote positive, life changing experiences, for all people of the Greater Augusta Area (         ).  The mission, vision, and values of the Salvation Army Kroc Center are being informative, simple, memorable, and achievable. The informative part of the mission, vision, and values of the Salvation Army Kroc Center educates the community on what they have to offer for people that are less fortunate. The Salvation Army Kroc Center had a vision and have been very successful in what they do for the community. The Salvation Army still preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a chapel that is located inside the Kroc Center for members and the community. Many people receive food vouchers for the food pantry, clothes vouchers, assistance with utilities, and also rent assistance.


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