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The Ancient Greeks and Romans

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World History Final Essay

The ancient Greeks and Romans were polytheistic.the judo christian religion was monotheistic.Christianity attracted many people because it emphasized the spiritual equality of people and eternal life.During the middle ages the catholic church was extremely powerful and the popes were in control of kingdoms.kings gradually fought popes for control of their kingdoms.As a result absolutism was created ;absolutism is a government in which one ruler has absolute power.To limit the power of these rulers the Magna Carta was was signed by king James when forced by nobles.the the principles of the magna carta was adopted by the united states in the Declaration of the Independence.The glorious revolution followed the Magna Carta in limiting the power of the monarch.The bill of rights was created as an effect to the glorious limited the power of the monarch and the govenment was controlled by the parliament.These events are connected because the people were trying to find the best form of government that is good for everyone.

The Greek love of wisdom has definitely influenced the enlightenment in which the people invented and discovered better ways to rule the government and better their society.this also led to inventions in medicine and science.the enlightenment had an impact on the American revolution because the colonists realized they should not be ruled by a king who is in another continent.motivated by the American revolution the french started their revolution.unfortunately the french revolution had a different outcome from the American revolution.napoleon.a dictator took over France with the motive of taking over the world.thanks to the congress of Vienna it did not happen .the society which included monarchs of powerful countries met together to defeat was not all for the good of France but because they do not


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