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How the Interest Group System in America Operates? Give Your Opinion on Its Effectiveness or Potential for Corruption

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Explain how the interest group system in America operates? Give your opinion on its effectiveness or potential for corruption.

The interest group system in America is like its citizens everyone is unique in their own way. THe five major interest groups categories are Economics, Ideological, Public Interest, Foreign Policy and Government. The interest groups are very diverse and every citizen participates in at least one interest group. In areas such as unions, interest groups control the job markets. Interest groups control the American Society which is why they are so beneficial.

Interest groups in America are very important because they influence major changes. INterest groups put pressure on policymakers, they participate in lobbying and influencing legislations. Interest groups can testify in congress and lobbyist can contact the government to discuss an issue that an interest group creates. Interest groups are also directly involved in politics and campaigns. Intrest groups are that is determined to encourage or prevent changes in public policy without trying to be elected

American Interest groups are very effective to the influence they have on the American Government. The main reason interest groups are so effective is they include everyone whether they realize it. Having an interest group in the political system them going and voting is considered a special interest group. Another reason they are so effective is that people want to belong so they will join an interest group when a large group of people are passionate about something it becomes a movement. A good example of this is the Bernie Sanders campaign, his campaign is all about creating a political revolution/movement. Bernie Sanders supporters are creating their own interest groups and he is attracting many different interest groups to support his cause. The constitution allows people the right to freedom of speech, assembly and to



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