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Herbert Hoover Dealing with Disaster

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Podcast 1: Herbert Hoover Dealing with disaster

Hoover was an orphan. This is 30th episode of presidential. hoover entered Whitehouse looking qualified, he was a millionaire, he had made efforts in relief. His presidency was still unsuccessful. He was born in 1874, Inova

Both of his parents died when he was young. He was from a poor community, small entrepreneur. Hoover was 6 and 3,4 years later her mother died. He was sent to a care of an uncle. He helped his uncle in chores. He was working for a land company when he was 14, 15. He used to sleep on the counter. He studied maths in spare time. Most of the time was in office and was isolated person. People were impressed by his diligence. After his 4 years at Stanford hoover started producing volumes and volumes of the book. Writing became his principal occupation. He never accepted the limits where he was hooked to.

He was shy, retiring and had a good sense of humor. Hoover went Australia and got married. They started running mining operations. He was a master in mining and had a successful career. By 40 he had made his fortune and was looking for a public role. He started a fundraising operation and made the biggest charity. He had 600 ships sailing under his Belgium relief. People were loyal to him.

He was a very popular public figure during the war.

Hoover did recognize that trouble was coming and he was well aware of it. In 1929 the economy was more sophisticated and interrelated as compared to more. The country was entering a crisis. Hoover came up with better banking measures. He had a very good approach. 25% Americans remain unemployed by 1932. every time a crisis came, Hoover went out to the public and explained everything.

Hoover couldn’t identify certain things which went to failure such as his loneliness of childhood, people need a hand in times of distress but he didn’t want to. Hoover would not provide relief to poor people and rural area but would provide millions to the bank.  

Podcast 2: John Adams the case of missing monument

Popular symbolism wasn’t beneficial to John Adams. No building, no statue for his remembrance. We should recognize for whom he was and what he did. Adams has no memorial like G. Washington. He had a difficult childhood. He had the bible as the only book in his house. He was a brave boy and was hard working. He got a scholarship as well. He got a law degree and practiced in Boston. He made his first big mark when he defended in Boston Massacre. He participated in Continental congress in Florida. He was one of the great spokesmen who battled to make it happen. Jefferson never defended what had to be done. He had a great sense of humor and was sturdy physically like Washington or Jefferson. His physique was hard like a rock. He never gave up and had little money. He couldn’t afford the luxuries. Though he had a marvelous wife.


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