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Analyze Changes and Continuities in one of the Following Between 1450 and 1750: India, Russia, or Japan

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During the years between 1450 and 1750, many empires evolved and thrived throughout the world. Of these empires, the Japanese Empire has went through a series of major changes throughout history. Japan, between the secluded years, went through many changes, from traditions to international relations, while continuing their custom of relying on foreign nations on technological advancements.

Japan has a long history of changes, much like many other empires of the era. One of these changes was between 1450 and early 1600, when Japan was heavily focused on warfare. An example can be the Onin War that happened in the late 1400s. During these years, Japan’s advancements and decisions were made with the purpose on how to combat these wars, like Shogun Oda Nobunaga, utilizing western weaponry, like guns, to strategize for battle. Although, this changed in the early 1600s, at the beginning of the Edo period. The Edo period was a more peaceful time for Japan, meaning the focus towards war changed towards commercial development and economic growth. Before this era, women were allowed to join the ranks as a samurai, and assist their fellow soldiers in battle. From the beginning of the Edo period, women were stripped of many of their rights and privileges, including the ability to join the military. Women became secluded in the home, only doing household work, while their husbands were away. While this was just one of the changes that happened in Japan’s history, it still remains as one of the major changes on their culture and lifestyle, because while Japan is known for being dead-set on their tradition, they still are willing to change during the shifts in time.

Another change Japan was well known for was their change in international relations. Prior to the 1600s, Japan’s borders were open to a wide variety of regions, like the Dutch and the English. They performed many transactions with these people with goods and ideas spreading throughout Japan. However,


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