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"four Direction" by Amy Tan

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After reading the story “Four Direction” by Amy Tan, I wouldn’t want the mother in the story for my own because of several reasons. At first, the mother wanted to brag her daughter. “And My mother loved to show me off, like one of many trophies she polish” (paragraph 2 Four Direction). I hate to talk boastfully to other people about any of my successes, and I also hate other people talk about it. Second, I don’t like the way the mother in the story tried to take all of the credit from the daughter. The mother said to one shopkeeper, “I told my daughter, ‘Use your horse to run over the enemy,’” “She won very quickly this way.” The mother said like her daughter won the game because she taught her daughter to do it, and the true is the daughter win the game because of her talent in playing chess. I hate the way people try to get all the credit to their side without doing anything. It is seem to steal other person effort. The final reason is I don’t like the way mother and daughter fighting each other, and to the final that both were hurt. It was like a cold war in the family. If it happened in my family, my mother and I would have a conversation and come up with the agreement. I may be the one who say sorry first, but it is fine because she is mother. Even though the mother loved the daughter so much and cared when the daughter was sick, I wouldn’t want the mother in the story for my own.


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