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Writer's Responsibilities and Strong Narratives

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Writer's Responsibilities and Strong Narratives

A writer has a responsibility to themselves to remain dedicated, and to be true to their own values and beliefs. A writer should compose clear, concise dialogue that keeps their audience wanting more. The responsibility of a writer to others starts with keeping their work interesting. They should not be dull or boring in their work. In addition, a writer should be aware of the audience that they are addressing. They should convey their message in a manner that can be understood by their audience. A writer should have a sense of what he or she is writing about, so that their feelings can be conveyed onto the reader. Foremost, a writer also has the huge responsibility of being truthful in their work, and always giving credit where credit is due. A writer should use citing to note sources of information, and never take credit for someone else's work.

There are several ways that writing can allow one to be oneself. Putting things down on paper can help someone think without distractions. Physically writing down thoughts can help to maintain focus on the topic at hand. Writing can also allow the expression of feelings, opinions, and beliefs. Writing can be a creative release for self expression. Writing about one's own experiences can help the reader to feel the emotion of the writer.

Writing in one's own voice while still meeting the expectations of the audience can pose a challenge. Some ways to overcome this challenge may be:

• Choosing topics that appeal to the reader

• Find a common interest with the reader

• Be true to oneself

• Be thorough

• Get to know the topic and the audience to convey understanding.



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