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Women in William Gays "i Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down"

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Topic Four: Women

Sometimes, women do not always have to be the center of attention. William Gay

wrote an amazing short story that inspired a wonderful movie. Although Gay was not

very good at expressing a developed women, he was able to get a fabulous story

without having that. Women are not always necessary to get a point across. Even

though the changes that Teem made, very much improved the story, Gays version had

its own feel to it. Teem did help the movie more appealing to more people and here is

some ways that he did that.

That Evening Sun was a big improvement from “I Hate to See That Evening Sun

Go Down” when it comes to the involvement of women. In the short story, women were

not mentioned as much. They were almost non-existent. Teem made women a more

important part in the film. I believe that women critics would find the movie more

appealing because women play a bigger role in the movie. There is no character

development in the short story for women and in the film, there was. The film made

women more of bigger part then just a minor role in the story. Feminist critics will enjoy

the movie a lot more than they will the book.

There were many different changes from That Evening Sun to the “I Hate to See

That Evening Sun Go Down”. One of the big differences was Ludie and Lonzo’s

relationship. In the story, it was not mentioned much at all. However, in the film, viewers

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got to see what Ludie had to go through in her life. They talked about how Lonzo had

not hit them in a long time. This should be considered a good thing, but a family should

not have to go through that at all. This was never mentioned in the story. I think that

Teems was trying to help the audience be able to connect to the movie. There are some

people that have to go through these kind of situations and he was just trying to help the

audience be able to connect with what was happening. Audiences love movies more

when they are able to emotionally connect with them. Also, in the movie


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