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Why Do We Conform?

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"Why do we conform?"

In Mark Twain's passage "Corn pone opinions" he believes that as people "It is in our nature to conform." I absolutely agree with this statement. Humans are conceited creatures that always want to get on the train to popularity and acceptance. This is brightly expressed in weak minded teenagers, and children. As humans we are spontaneous and have this never dying determination to move from one event to the next. That is why we conform. We conform to advance in some situations. Fads, trend, and styles are examples of our advancing conformity. Along with subconscious harmony, Conforming without noticing, and social conformity.

The definition of conform is the act of accordance and harmony, to comply willingly and accept it. Teenagers have this act down to the smallest detail. Teenagers conform and do not even notice it most of the time. During the year 2009 silly bands became one of the most sought after accessories around. All the kids wanted the rubber bands that were in the shape of animals, objects, and even words. Silly bands were one of the most successful fads around. Then suddenly We, the spontaneous teenagers with our attentions spans that run for a maximum of 10 minutes moved on to the next trend, thus ending the reign of silly bands. This proves Mark Twain's point that it's in the human nature to conform. No matter how much you adored silly bands. You gave them up once they ran out of style.

Even our actions are in the vision of conformity. Have you ever watched a television show that was a comedy that used simulated audience laugher and emotions? Did u notice that you laugh just a tiny bit more at the joke even though your regular laugh was good enough because of the level of the joke? If you have done that you laughed that extra bit because of the audience laughing along with you. See this is also an example of conformity in action.


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