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The Vision of How the Song Needs to Be.

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It’s mostly Liam help point out like stuff that we need to change I guess because he has the vision of how the song needs to be.

Okay. So what about like during songs giving each other feedback like can you explain to me how you guys use like non-verbal cues to communicate?

I mean I think that sometimes it's like the drums are like if you'll do like a filll or something. Going from a verse into a chorus or vice versa you can kind of tell. Or like if there is like something that changes it it's not like an expressive cue. More than like okay like now I know we switch parts if it's because especially if it's early on in the process of learning a song which I'm not really in-by that point many of our songs, but if it's early on and I don't really know the structure like Okay you go through this riff X amount of times you go through that riff Y amount of times. If I'm not you know down pat on that what I'll do a lot is memorize like oh like Gabe hits the ride Bell at this point then I know to switch the next chord progression. It'll be something like that. A lot of times I think but I do think I got like in terms of most of my cues in that sense I get them from the drums as opposed to the guitar or the vocals.

Yeah that's interesting. I don't know if people were paying attention. But yeah. Liam doesn't really use them. Like I know most musicians will look at you or like nod or something. But I feel like Liam's kind of self taught. He started playing music like when he was 18 or something. So it's not like he has a tradition of knowing these sorts of musical things. Yeah. So I guess I've just gotten used to fending for yourself. Yeah I think I can follow along pretty well but it's mostly memory of just knowing what he's going to be playing because he'll show me the


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