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The Jacket

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In the middle of January on a Sunday afternoon I set out on my mission to obtain a new winter jacket. It was a cold, snowy day in Dekalb, Illinois but I had my heart set on getting this new jacket before the new semester started.

The journey started by asking a new friend named Sam to accompany me on this quest. I knew he had a car and that was a vital part of the quest because this journey would not be able to happen on foot. Sam accepted my request for him to accompany me and we set off on my quest.

At first all seemed fine until we proceeded out the protective walls of Neptune West where the frigid cold temperatures hit both of our bodies. We soon realized that our journey to Sam's car was going to be harder and more intense then we had originally anticipated. We started trudging through the snow as it lay on the ground and the wind whipped it against our faces. As we were walking to Stevenson parking lot ,normally a five minute walk, the time seemed endless as my fingers and legs grew numb my nose started to burn from jack frost unleashing his worse.

We came upon a warm place known as Douglas where we took a detour to thaw our limbs from the snow and ice. We travel past the various confusing corners and nooks until we found the right exit. As we walked out of the exit proud that we were on the right course Jack Frost hit so hard it almost knocked me over.

We were finally on the last stretch of our icy road when we saw Sam's car and hope settled into my eyes. Getting my winter jacket was possible and not just a hollow attempt. As we approached the car all the possible obstacles entered my mind: would the car start? Could the car handle the ice? Was there an ice scrapper to clear the windows and mirrors? We reached the car and all was fine everything seemed to be going smooth. I found that Sam who I newly befriended turned out to be an incredible gentleman and though we only knew each other for a short while seemed to really care about my well being.

We continued on the quest as the car started and was able to get out of the Stevenson parking lot. As we continued driving we found ourselves in front of the first obstacle. As we started on the drive to 1st street it was apparent that the lack of sight was a problem. We conquered the sight problem by having the head lights on and turning


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