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The Educompass Financial Planning

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A Career and Life Plan

Inspired by the navigational device of choice of a bygone era where exploration and the relentless quest to conquer new frontiers have consumed the hearts and minds of many, I shall now attempt to devise a career and life plan that articulates where I am now and where I am headed in the future. I affectionately call this the EduCompass.


I envision myself as a well-rounded, world-class individual committed to the ideals of integrity, growth, compassion, strength of character and the relentless pursuit of service to fellowmen for the greater glory of God.


Fueled by an overwhelming passion for learning, creativity, innovation and interdependence, my mission is to continuously develop and enhance my God-given skills and talents and realize my full potential, both on a personal and professional dimension, so as to make a significant impact on the lives of other people, uphold and promote the causes I care most about, and leave a lasting legacy to future generations.


Priority Area A: Personal Circumstance and Family Life

I have always regarded the family as a primary source of strength, guidance and support. Therefore, I have made a lifelong commitment to be a responsible and proactive member of the family. Once in a while, I think about where I see myself in the future and have come to realize that I need more time to really think things out, especially when it comes to the decision whether to find a life partner or not. Therefore, I acknowledge that I am presently at a crossroads, right smack into choosing which path to tread, taking it upon myself to instill discipline and fortitude to follow my chosen path.

Milestones and Timeframe

I am giving myself two years from now (i.e., on or before I turn 30 years old) to fully discern my state of life, whether I am set for a life of single-blessedness or otherwise. To be able to carry on with this discernment, I intend to subscribe to prayer and reflection, counseling, as well as one-on-one talks with people I have high regard for and whose opinions and viewpoints I respect to seek advice and enlightenment. Family and close friends will likewise be consulted.

Moreover, I intend to devote some of my personal time within the next two years to gathering relevant information, and afterwards to think and reflect even further on my next steps. As soon as I arrive at a decision and have confirmed that such is God's will for me, I am prepared to commit myself to that particular state


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