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Research Ethics on Stem Cells

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In the film "Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita" there is a contentious topic mentioned thru the entire film. Stem cell research has become a controversial topic due to the process of how stem cells are produced. The controversy between science and religious beliefs of those who do not understand the process makes it difficult to educate the public on how stem cells are produced. During the course of the film there are three Rhetorical appeals presented: pathos, ethos, and logos.

One rhetorical appeal that establishes at the beginning of the film is the Pathos appeal. The emotional appeal that viewers are able to link with at the anguish one might render. Dr. Kessler is the head of the Neurology Department of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. He dedicates his career in helping patients alleviate their suffering. Although at first viewers might think he cares about the scientific portion of the career, he is involved in a tragic event causing him to steer far from the main objective of his career. His daughter, Allison Kessler, suffered a skiing accident causing her to become paralyzed from her lower waist. She suffered a spinal cord injury. After Dr. Kessler found out the diagnostic to her accident, he felt helpless in not being able to help his daughter. Viewers are able to notice his drastic change from a doctor whose responsibility to help patients to a private accountability to help his daughter. During the beginning of the film, he talks about the accident of his daughter but he becomes overwhelmed with emotion on the mere thought of his daughter not being able to walk again. He talks about the way he has learned a lot from Allison's injury. Dr. Kessler advocates "It's not often that parents learn from children but I've learn a lot from Allison…" He discusses how spinal cord injury is a field that he had never worked in and how this field has yet to make progress. Doctors are often viewed as heartless whose main objective is to comply with what is part of their job. However, in this film viewers are able to notice his steer of direction and the extent a father will go through to help his family through his story and how it relates to stem cell research.

The Ethos Appeal has three standpoints in the film. Such as the character of Allison, Carrie Kaufman and the value of stem cell research. Allison Kessler has always been active in sports and other after school activities. When the accident occurred, viewers might have thought she would have given up right after the accident. Yet, her response towards the accident was different. She did not give up her daily routines. In fact, she has a complete different attitude to the condition. Allison demonstrates to viewers on how one should not render themselves to what the public might view them but, to demonstrate to society that there is a capability to move on and about even with a disability. Throughout the film, she demonstrates


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