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Prevent Elderly Discrimination

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Prevent Elderly Discrimination

The people we admire today as our heros and role-models, tomorrow will be discriminated and push a side from society just because they get old. Discrimination toward elderly people is found in every aspect of life. It's found in the workplace, technology and in their involvement in society, as part of our communities. Instead of taking care of our elderly people, we put them a side, just because is a weight in our daily life, when we should be loving them as they did with us in the past.

I read an essay called "Too Soon Old, Too Late Wise" by Evan Thomas and Adam Wolfberg, that told us about a professor who was discriminated just because he was 90 years old. The university wanted someone younger to teach his students, but why hire someone with no experience when you have a philosopher, who's wise in every topic because of his experience in life. He has totally shocked with the position the university had because he was completely functional, without any liability. He stepped up and sue the university because of this discrimination, and he wasn't going to give up his position that easily.

Cases like this one are found in every workplace and in every country in the world, just because people see the elderly as an obstacle or even as a weight. But this people don't see that seniors are really valuable at a company because of their experience. This kind of discriminations should end, and no one should be ask to retire earlier just because of their age. Outside work this kind of discriminations is found in society.

When we think in discrimination of old people in society we may think just in how we treat them, but that's not it. Restriction to their mobility because of regulations affect elderly people, also the lack of public facilities for them make it hard to involve themselves in society without


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