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Nintendo Is a Video Game Company Based in Kyoto, Japan

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Nintendo is a video game company based in Kyoto, Japan. It is the biggest one compared to other video game company. It has created the famous and best-selling video games such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pocket Monsters.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi and the first company to product Hanafuda, a type of card playing. It also contributed capital in some other small business, such as taxi services company and hotel services network. But in the end these businesses ended in failure due to increased operating expenses.

In 1966, Nintendo established the game department. After many years, Nintendo produced several successful toys and games, including the Ultra Machine, Love Tester and the Kousenjuu series of light gun games. Most of the inventions came from a Nintendo employee, Gunpei Yokoi. During 1974, Nintendo began to study some devices that could connect to TV to play simple games. This is video games. In 1977, Nintendo launched the home game console "Color TV Game 6” .In 1975, Nintendo moved into the video arcade game. In 1982, Yokoi Gunpei was desiged the "cross key" that was born with the Game & Watch "Donkey Kong" that was launched and was used by Nintendo.

Until 2006, Nintendo released the Nintendo DS Lite, a version of the original Nintendo DS. Then, Nintendo introduced “Wii”, a home video game console. Originally, the code name was Revolution and was now renamed to “Wii”. In 2011, Nintendo revealed the next generation Wii U. In 2016 until 2017, Nintendo released a preview trailer about the NX, revealing the official name to be the Nintendo Switch.


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