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My Grade 10 Recollection Day Is May Favorite Recollection,

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My grade 10 recollection day is may favorite recollection,for now .It was very fun and memorable .There have been lot of smiles and tears. This recollection is extra special not just because of the new and beautiful venue but also because of the persons whose with me. There a lot of memories that I may never forget but the three things that really sinks in to me is the lesson we learn and the smiles and tears that we have. The topic that we learn is surely unforgettable simply because it help us to have a better connection with our self ,with others and especially with God. The smiles and tears is so pure and very true because of the message and the amazing purpose of the activity. I really like the part of the session were we share our bad and good stories with each other, reallly because we also learn from it. I also enjoy the different videos that are part of the session.

The topic about forgiveness and forgiving really help to improve the essence of the recollection.p The the topic is clearly demonstrated properly with the use of different activities about recieving and giving forgiveness. This things truly improve our special recollection activity . There are also a lot of people who made that day special namely my classmates, teachers and other batch mates . But there is also one special and blessed person who make our recollection activity possible and that is our facilitator kuya Racel Garcia. Kuya racel knows how to handle loud and hyper student like us properly. He knows how to make us smile and laugh. He shows and tell different stories. Kuya racel makes sure that everyone will cooperate and connect to our recollection . I hope he do well in his life. And I really recommend him as a good facilitator. So in conclusion this recollection is truly extra special because of the different experiences that we enjoy together.


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