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Key Words and Term into a Deeper Understanding Un

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        United Nations as intergovernmental organization has to put a lot of efforts to solve and provide various types of services to its member states since one of the reasons why states join UN is for benefit. Especially, developing states join UN for either its security protection, diplomatic relation with the member states, or for economic interest. This essay is going to explore about those benefits.                Developing states faces many challenges everyday moving toward the development of their country.  The United Nations and its specialized agencies were used by the developing states in order to:

  • Achieved a symbol of statehood and sovereignty through membership in this organization
  • A platform for bilateral and multilateral discussions (UN is a cost-efficient forum for them to conduct multilateral ties and bilateral talks on different issues).
  • To promote the expansion of International law to constrain major power and protect small power interests
  • To voice their concerns and receive opportunities to set the global agenda
  • To appeal to world public opinion on critical foreign policy issues
  • To receive development funds

        Challenges for United Nations are significant since the organization is a globally recognized and member states rely on this organization to solve its problem, in some cases. Mainly about the peacekeeping operations that are conducted under UN’s name which requires numerous resources specifically human resources. We are going to analyze about the challenges UN is going to face in the future.         Challenges are the blurred line between peacekeeping and enforcement, which the UN didn’t know when to act effectively and peacekeeping only use self-defense mechanism that can make their life a risk. The problem of political will of the member states has several dimensions. As an IGO, UN depends on its member states support to act. But in some cases member states may fail to provide financial, personnel, or logistical support. Funding the operations is also one of the challenges as bigger operation require more money and only US owing the largest share in the budget. Last but not least, the recruitment of peacekeepers is a significant challenges to the UN as for now UN also recruit female peacekeeper. And US-UN relations.        

        Realism and Liberalism has a different view on what a particular thing is. UN may be viewed to have different role based on each theorist. Today, we are going to discuss about what UN actually is in both theory.

        To Realist, nonstate actors, including both intergovernmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations are marginal actors. IGOs do not enjoy significant autonomy or capability for independent action on the world stage. In this view UN is constrained by its members’ willingness to work through it in dealing with specific problems. And to Liberalist, There are multiple actors in the international system. States have many different interests and International system is the interdependence one; there is both cooperation and conflict. UN makes differences in world politics by altering state preferences and thus changing state behavior by establishing rules that constrain states. It changes the way states interact with one another The growth of non-state actors and international law create common identities and interest, and the sense of ‘we-ness’


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