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Inventing Charaters - Mark Richard Jones - Jason Oliver Evans - Angus Rupert O'Brien

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1: Mark Richard Jones. He is a man of medium built with slightly tone muscles and his hair is a redish orangish color that he keeps short. He has fair skin and dark blue eyes and stands at about five feet ten inches. He is at the age of ninteen but people say he looks a few older than he really is. Mark is a very calm man but has a bit of a anger issue but can control it really well and is still very kind to people. He has a mixture of a Midwestern and Texas due to the fact that he was born in Texas and lived there till he was seven than moved to Indiana. He has a somewhat deep voice and sounds like a very respectful and disciplined young man. This is because both his parents were in the military and raised him to be that way. Even so, he is not afraid to speak his mind sometimes. Mark is a very smart kid and is at the top of his class scoring A+ in every class.

2: Jason Oliver Evans. Due to how his anitials are set up his friends call him Joe. Joe is a twenty-four year old construction worker with a large muscular built and is six feet three inches. He has medium length hair that's blonde. He is a hard working man and is willing to help out anyone if need be. He has a light tan that has a few scars from accidents while working. His eyes are a vibrant green. He has a midwestern accent due to him being born and raised in Michigan. He talks with a very gentle sounding voice which helps people calm down after seeing the giant man for the first time. Even though he has a college degree he has seemed to forgotten some of the things he has learned over the years.

3: Angus Rupert O'Brien. He has a medium built with pronounced muscles. Angus stands at five foot six inches. With his short hit he was picked on alot and would get angry and start fights. He has black hair and also has baby blue eyes and pale skin. he is at the age of twenty-five. He's from Ireland but immigrated to the U.S. at the age of twenty. With all the fighting


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