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How Teenage Pregnancy Stops Students from Finishing What They Started.

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How Teenage Pregnancy Stops Students from Finishing What They Started

Nathaniel J. Hanner ‘18

Professor Vargas

How Teenage Pregnancy Stops Students from Finishing What They Started.

        So many of us see teenage pregnancy as a negative, which may be true in many situations.  However, there are teens that find success while dealing with unplanned pregnancies.  Females are not typically the only ones affected by teen pregnancy.  The males involved in these situations also feel responsibility.  Gender bias can have a big effect on student outcomes with unplanned pregnancy.  A few colleges and universities offer assistance for students dealing with early pregnancy.

        Realizing that education is sometimes impacted by unplanned pregnancy isn’t a means to an end.  Teenage pregnancy can cause students’ not to finish school, but there are ways to save students’ from dropping out.  An education is a vital part for creating an income worthy of a lifelong career.  The economic impact for these students is great.  Teen pregnancy affects high school graduation rates with an even greater impact on graduation rates at the college level.  Below is a graph showing the percentages of girl’s dropout rates for high school and college.

Teen Pregnancy

High School Dropout Rates

All Teenage Girls


Hispanic Girls


African American Girls


                College Dropout Rate         65%                        (, 2008)

        We ask ourselves, ‘At what cost?’ Costs are associated with everything.  In Dreams to Reality, Bookser states ‘It is vital to you to get a high school diploma.  If not, 90 percent of people live below the poverty line.’ when referring to pregnant teens (Bookser, 2006).  Girls affected by teen pregnancy can pay a huge price.  They drop out of high school due to pregnancy.  If time permits they eventually get a GED.  Struggling to make ends meet while raising the baby, they end up putting school on hold.  Making it a hard reality to attend college; they look to find work, but have limited skill sets.  The issue of childcare arises when trying to find work.  It turns into a vicious cycle for some.

Boys on the other hand can be affected differently by teen pregnancy.  Some give up their dreams of attending college and being an athlete and go to work.  The support for raising a child can be overwhelming.  The boys’ have good intentions, but some don’t understand the tangible needs too.  In this instance, the male student forgoes his college education to prepare to raise a child.  Sometimes he is working 2 jobs to prepare for the baby’s arrival.  His 17 year old girlfriend is pregnant.  Teen pregnancy has a negative impact on education and employment.  Teens are less likely to finish high school, only 40 percent graduate.  The gap is even bigger at the college level. (Huus, 2010)


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