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Education Plays an Important Role in Development of Any Country

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Education plays an important role in development of any country. A good education system is the basic foundation for development of a better society. For a long time, education system in Britain has continuously innovated and developed. However, there is something that someway became unchanged.

First of all, learning is for its own sake rather than for any particular practical purpose. In comparison with most other countries, a relatively strong emphasis has been put on the quality of person that education produces as opposed to the qualities of abilities that is produces. Public debate about educational policy still focuses on social justice rather than on efficiency. This approach has had a far-reaching effect on many aspect of the educational system, particularly the general style of teaching and studying. This is why British young people do not appear to have to work as hard as their counterparts in other European countries. Primary schoolchildren do not have much formal homework to do and university students have fewer hours of programmed attendance.

Moreover, British educational system emphasizes on academic learning rather than practical learning. This has resulted in high-quality education for the intelligent and academically inclined with comparatively little attention given to the educational needs of the rest. The British school system also got a national curriculum (a national specification of learning objectives) so much later than other European countries.

In addition, schools and universities have tends to give such a high priority to sport. Sporting success enhances the reputation of an institution. Until the last quarter of twentieth century, certain sports at some universities and medical schools were played to an international standard. People with poor academic records were sometimes accepted as students because of their sporting prowess.

In Europe, British education is compulsory for the most years and the school


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