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Cheating Is Lame

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That is what my teacher wanted me to write about. It is. The end.

I have to complete this form in order to belong to this site, so I will. tra la la. tra la. la. la.

tra lalalalalala tra lalalala and so it goes that this paper is not really a paper at all but a bunch of drivel.

It is nothing. It is about nothing. It will take me moments to write it and I wonder if anyone will read it. Perhaps you will ban me from your site for submitting a fraudulent paper, and, wow, wouldn't that be something? Talk about ironic. You would be like, hey, you are not playing fair.

You are cheating the system. It would be extra lame for you to throw me off and hypocritical as well. I mean, don't you see it? If you were to say, hey, you wrote a bunch of nonsensical stuff and called it a paper in order to get into our site, then that would be odd, because you created this site to cripple young people who are trying to learn, but who cannot because you exist to ease their way, to unburden them.

It is as if you are prying open a cocoon with a needle and freeing the butterfly, but in doing so, you are killing it. It needed the struggle to grow strong enough to face the world, to fly, to survive. Opening the cocoon for the butterfly killed it. Providing papers for students kills them. It kills their confidence, their esteem. Dampening the struggle weakens the student in so many ways. It is unethical. It makes anyone associated with this site unethical in my opinion. Whatever.


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