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Che Guevara Heroe

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Throughout history, we have seen many heroes and villains. But we must ask ourselves, what the deciding factor is that separates the two terms. One person can go down in history as a hero who died during battle. The other person can be a villain who was finally taken down in battle. The deciding factor seems to be motive. If a person is perceived as having noble intentions, than they are quickly considered a hero.

Now that we realize intentions create perception, we must understand exactly who determines the intentions of an individual. In most cases, the public as a whole controls the labeling of an individual. Mass media however plays a major role in forming the perception of the masses. The same two people can accomplish the same two feats, but one can be considered a terrorist. Yassir Arafat was quoted as saying that "no man who stands behind a noble cause can be considered a terrorist". I believe this to be true and feel that we should not so quickly rush to judge people.

In America, our opinions have long been biased by popular opinion. We look at the conflict in Iraq and instantly America's labeled hero and the Iraqi's are "insurgents". But we need to delve deeper into the situation to truly understand what is happening. We should ask ourselves, why is America still in Iraq? We are there under the guise of instituting democracy, what if the citizens of Iraq do not want democracy? What if Russia invaded America and attempted to institute a socialist form of Government? I can say assuredly that America would defend itself, isn't that exactly what Iraq is doing?

Now these questions are being asked to raise the awareness of the fact that perception does not equal truth. The problem in the public eye is that in many cases, Perception is taken as truth. So now when we look at the Cuban revolution, we must take an unbiased look at the facts. I do not think it would be farfetched to suggest that America throughout its existence has been a nation that contradicts itself. Capitalism contradicts itself in the fact that it is based off the principal of competition but its system encourages a sort of monopoly that eliminated competition. The constitution was supposed to make man equal, but for years that only counted for "white men".

So now the stage is set, we understand the politics behind these labels of hero and villains. In other words, it is all a matter of opinion. The focus of this paper will be on Che Guevara. Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary, political figure, and leader of Cuban and internationalist guerillas. Guevara was vital to the success of the Cuban revolutionary and remained active in the revolutionary movement until he was captured and executed by CIA operative Felix Rodriguez.

Public opinion on Guevara varies depending on who you ask within America. There are exceptions to every rule, but there are many people in American who would call Guevara


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