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Of Mice and Men - George: Tragic Hero or Murderer?

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George from „Of Mice And Men“ - Tragic Hero or Murderer?

George Milton is a migrant farm worker from California who travels around with his friend Lennie Small to earn some money and one day to make their dream of a own ranch come true. Lennie is mentally retarded and often causes trouble, so George is forced to take good care of him. The relationship between the two men might be hard to understand for some people but if you analyze the two different characters you will recognize that there is a very special bond that connects George and Lennie.

What I want to analyze and comment on is the last scene of the book where Lennie is killed by George. Does this deed make George to a murderer, or is he just a tragic hero who should be pitied?

When you read the last pages of the book where George and Lennie are sitting by the river and dreaming of their own house and the rabbits, you might get surprised by the sudden shoot of George that killes Lennie. Lennie has no idea what George has planned. It all happens fast and painless. It almost makes the impression that George has no feelings and a cold heart what leads to the conclusion that he is a murderer. But is he really this kind of person he seems to be regarding his appearance? I personally wouldn't consider George as a murderer, but rather as a tragic hero. George thought it would be the best for Lennie to be killed by him than by Curley. That his death was inevitable that's obvious. George knows exactly that Lennie is unpredictable and a danger for their society. Indeed George tries to keep away his friend from other people and always tells him to be carefull and not to cause any trouble but as soon as Lennie is out of his sight he raises a problem. From the beginnig on Lennie is an encumbrance to George. Without him it would be possible for George to already have bought a farm. Lennie just decelerates this by always causing trouble and being fired


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