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Blogger in Their Midst

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Shiv Patel

Case study 1

September 24, 2018

Blogger in Their Midst

In the case study of the blogger in their midst, Will Somerset who is a CEO of the Lancaster medical supple company who creates products such as disposable gloves and other medical products. Will was about to launch a new product of medical gloves in a conference he had planned for that day. As he is planning for the conference he realizes that no one was showing up to his presentation. He finds out that an employee of his company as her own blog called “Glove Girl.” She was gaining more attention to the company from the internet just by blogging about the products. Not only blogging, she used her knowledge and leaked some private information about the company and broke her contract of the employment. Some Challenges will be addressed and actions to what should be done.


 Challenge 1: Upper management not aware of anything

The cause of this case involves a CEO coming along and finding out about a blogger in his own company impacting his organization by social media. Will did not know how social media was impacting in his company, therefore the company needs to figure out the use of social media by all the employees and the company.

Challenge 1: Upper management not aware of anything

1.1 No secretary available to address what was happening until the last moment  

1.2 No warnings before the meeting that it was happening

1.3 No communication between the employees and executives

Challenge 2: leak of classified information

The company should put policies and regulations towards the use of media so when you have people like the “Glove Girl” they know not to misunderstand the policies and guidelines. The possible outcomes that can happen, is by leaking classified information about the products that are soon to come to the market also having her personal bad review of the company even if she is an employee of the company.

Challenge 2 Contributing Factors:  

2.2 Making false claims as stating in the blogs

2.3 Violating confidentiality and regulations

Challenge 3: No authority to create a blog for the company

        The Glove girl was posting fake news to get the attention on her blogs and get the society to read her blogs more. She caused others to believe that she represents the company by telling herself as its employee.

Challenge 3 Contributing Factors:

3.1 Glove girl mistakenly identifying herself as its employee

3.2 Giving out fake news to get followers

3.3 Giving out her personal views of products


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