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Behind Everyone's Smile

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Each one of us is born inclined with a capacity to speak. Although there are various ways on how an individual displays proficiency or competence in speaking. But we could not conceal the fact that all of us is like an empty capsule and knows nothing even a single word at first and that we need have to undergo stages before we acquire such skill.

In Baby Geniuses, a ruthless and ambitious boss (Dr. Elena Kinder) of the largest baby products called BABY CO is secretly operating a research laboratory with her associate Dr. Heep. They aim to discover the code of the special baby language which they strongly believe truly exists. Their plan was put to risk when Sly, one of the special babies, escaped from the lab. They wanted to return him back for they are afraid that their secret operation will be revealed forever. Witty, Sly’s twin brother was unfortunately captured believing that he was Sly. However, the twin brothers, being the smartest among them, organized their fellow babies in order to revolt and invade the research lab and bring down Dr. Kinder’s evil plan, which they successfully did at the end.

The movie is indeed very nice and entertaining. It brought happiness to us viewers because it contains scenes that are really humorous just like fighting the babies with adults and winning them over or when Sly dances like Elvis Presly. Those scenes are undeniably hilarious. However, most of the main character’s behaviors are seemed to be impractical and beyond reality. No one could imagine that there is someone, a two-year-old baby in this world who can do a back tumbling, even swung on a vine and operate proficiently a machine that control the entire laboratory. That is entirely impossible. But that’s the power of a film effects; it makes the impossible scenarios only existing in one’s mind be possible to make the viewer be amazed with the show. Though it only tried to spoof the intelligence of the baby but I say, the film exaggerates


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