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Animal Farm Book Report

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Book report

Animal farm is about a farm where a bunch of animals lives under the power

of humans.

Old Major, calls a meeting of all the animals in the big barn. He announces that he may die soon and talks about what his life has given him. Old Major tells the animals that humans are the reason why “No animal in England is free” and that “The life of an animal is misery and slavery.”

Old Major talks about a plan that will change the status of the animals on the farm. He calls this operation, the Rebellion.

Old Major dies soon after the meeting and the other animals prepare for the Rebellion. Now it is SnowballNapoleon and Squealer who leads the show. One night Mr. Jones passes out drunk and that is when the animals see the perfect opportunity for them to make the rebellion.

Afterwards the animals decides that the farm will now be ruled only by animals, calling the system "animalism".

Because old major is dead there have to be someone who can lead all the animals and that is Snowball and Napoleon in the start, but they fall out with each other, as they have different ideas for how Animal Farm should be led.

Old Major:

He is an old prize winning pig. He is the one who inspires all the animals to rebel against the humans. His dream is a parallel to Karl Marx’s dream. The Old Major dies, like Marx, before he can see what his dream looks like in real life.  
Three days after he has been describing his vision, he dies. He leaves Snowball and Napoleon behind, struggling with who have the to take the leadership.


Napoleon, the pig, is really the central character in the novel. He is as well the tyrant and villain of the farm. Napoleon seems as first to be a good leader but he is eventually overcome by greed and soon becomes power hungry where he gradually builds up his power.

Napoleon trains nine small puppies, which will grow up, protect and serve. When the dogs are fully grown, he uses them to chase Snowball off the farm, so he could take the control and rule the farm by himself as a dictator.
Napoleon also uses the dogs to kill any animal that does not do what he says and do not agree with him.

After Napoleon expelled Snowball from the farm, he takes over the farm by having the dogs as a weapon. Napoleon kills everyone who comes in his way, if it is because they don’t agree with him or they try to take the power from him.


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