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3e of Sustainability

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3Es of Sustainability






3Es of Sustainability

FedEx and UPS take sustainability as integral parts of their business strategies and not for compliance purposes only. Their policies focus on the adherence to the core sustainability issues with regards to the economy, society, and the environment. They have evolved business policies for sustainability initiatives that promote their performance. Although sustainability encompasses a range of issues, most of their policies center on environmental friendly practices and energy efficiency. They intend to deal and reduce environmental pollutants while still improving the efficiency of their operations. The two premier delivery companies, for example, use hybrid vehicles to economize on energy use. In 2006, UPS developed hydraulic hybrid vehicles that used energy gathered from regenerative braking (Sobha 2007). The two have been at the forefront enhancing their existing services and expanding infrastructure to reach new markets. The exploration of new markets by FedEx, for example, helps other small business use their low-cost and flexible means of transport and shipping (FedEx 2013).

Ongoing driver safety programs and training are paramount because they help reduce accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, someone dies every 12 minutes because of a motor vehicle crash. Additionally, a crash occurs every 5 second and injury occurs every 10 minutes (DOL 2015). Vehicle crashes are indeed the leading cause of death and also have significant psychological and financial impacts on the employees, employers, and their families. The programs work to improve the driver’s behavior, enhance skills, and develop positive attitudes. The programs can, therefore, help save lives and decrease the rate of life-altering injuries. They can also help safeguard the scarce human resources and protect firms against liabilities that result from crashes (DOL 2015).


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