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Wolfgang's Balancing Act: Rewarding Healthcare Executives in a Dispersed Yet Integrated Firm

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Wolfgang’s balancing act: Rewarding Healthcare executives in a dispersed yet integrated firm

Lecturer: Mr. John Dugas

Student of the group:

Yuanwei Chai (Steven) 3096105

Kai tao (Hugh) 3106835

Yuan Zhi (Robin) 3083486

Qianyu Ma (Susan) 3120679

Yun xue (Jess) 3100297

Date 25/06/2010


1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2. Descriptive part------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

3. Analysis----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

From the aspect of the Folder 1: Health care group--------------------------------------------4

From the aspect of the Folder 2: Personnel structure of healthcare group---------------4

From the aspect of the Folder 3: the leadership competence set the Healthcare Group-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

From the aspect of the Folder 4: Corporate human resource policies--------------------6

From the aspect of the Folder 5&6: the global performance system and an overview of the corporate and HRM strategy-----------------------------------------------------------------6

4. Discussion and conclusions--------------------------------------------------------------------7



1. Introduction

Healthcare European pharmaceutical Group is a multinational Corporation which has 200 subsidiaries globally (such as Japan, China, Latin America, Australia, Germany, France and USA/Canada) and net sales amounted of 5.9 billion Euro dollars (750 million of net profit) from local and oversea markets (Festing & Engle, 2006). The case would analysis the pharmaceutical market of the Healthcare Corporation from internal


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