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When Does It Make Sense to Outsource, Specifically the Maintenance and Support of an Application System?

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When does it make sense to outsource, specifically the maintenance and support of an application system?

Fritz & Class I choose this DQ because with the economy being what it is lately we have been doing a lot of outsourcing because we have had to lay off a big part of our talent pool. I think that nowadays it is common for companies to outsource jobs, in order to reduce the cost for the same service being maintained when it is scarcely used. If support and maintenance are outsourced, then the in-house IT staff can focus only on business related activities. I have seen in several of the companies I have worked for that application development or maintenance remarkably improved internal processes mostly by allowing business to refocus IT staff on more tactical projects and boost staff skills by working with their contemporaries who specialize in this area. I have found that projects are developed faster when the development and the support for the application are outsourced. Mostly Because I find that outsourcing service companies have access to specialized staff that can provide maintenance and support 24 hours a day as a specialized skill. To answer the question more directly I think these are the best reasons I have found for outsourcing:

• Support staff available when necessary, not paid all the time.

• New technologies, techniques, tools and procedures are subcontracted for.

• Operational costs fall and therefore resources are available for other investments.

• Internal IT staff can be smaller, specialized, and can focus on more important work.

Bottom Line upfront is that outsourced & highly skilled people are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when and if required without having to maintain them with pay on staff for a just in case or one


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