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Tip Top Ice Cream Company International Business

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International Business Programme


Assignment 1

Prepared By: Nakrit Supasitdikul                Prepared For: Ershad Ali

Student ID: 20101456


In this report, I will talk about the Tip Top ice cream company which is owned and made by New Zealanders, and it was began in 1936, which is a very popular ice cream brand in New Zealand and most of the people loved it (Tiptop, 2017).

I will introduce the Tip Top ice cream organization and its products as well as the host country that Tip Top company will expanding their market and also the details of the host country in terms of political, economic, legal environments, and social and cultural environments. After that I will talk about the market entry model and how the marketing it going to be and their financial issues and the recommendation for Tip Top ice cream company as well.

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The organization and products

Tip Top ice cream is the world best ice cream that made in New Zealand. Tip Top (Ice Cream) company that is operating in New Zealand and it’s purely New Zealander owned. History of Tip Top Company was begin in 1936 by Len and Albert, they were opened an ice cream shop in Manners St, Wellington, New Zealand and they making their own ice cream recipe and produce it without waiting for the innovators from overseas. Their first ice cream flavour was launched in early 1950’s which is Eskimo Pie and it still currently selling and New Zealanders still loving it taste. The first name that put on their ice cream is not Tip Top but it was Topsy which is the name of the Len’s cows (Tiptop, 2017).  

They have built the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and most advanced centre for ice cream in 1962, it commonly known to Aucklanders as Tip Top, Tip Top was the innovators and produced the unique products which are Jelly Tip, Choc Bar, Trumpet, and Memphis Meltdown as well as the first triple dipped ice cream on the world. Tip Top is the world best ice cream that made in the country of world’s best milk, purest water, and richest of fruit flavours so Tip Top ice cream made by the passion and the fresh and real ingredients to give the best ice cream taste for customer (Tiptop, 2017).  


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