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The only one Accounting

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Being in this accountant of certified barables.When dealing business with Hong Kong, they will consult a fengshui man (geomancer), he may be brought in determine good luck dates or the proper special arrangement for a building or office. This individual's opinion should be observed. Observing the five aspects from Geert Hofstede analysis for Hong Kong. Firstly is the 'Uncertainty Avoidance' (UAI), most Asian countries rank fairly high in this category, however in Hong Kong they tend to be greater risk takers. They are more phlegmatic and contemplative. The people in Hong Kong are comfortable with ambiguity; the Chinese language is full of ambiguous meanings that can be difficult for Western people to follow. They are adaptable and entrepreneurial. Secondly it has 'Long-term Orientation' (LTO) as the highest ranking factor in which persistence and perseverance are normal. Relationships are ordered by status and the order is observed. People are thrifty and sparing with resources and investment tends to be in long term projects such as real estate. Traditions can be adapted to suit new conditions. Thirdly Hong Kong has an 'Individualism' ranking second highest for Far East Asian countries. Its Individualism ranking indicates a high level of emphasis on a Collectivist society as compared to one of Individualism. It is a collectivist culture where people act in the interests of the group and not necessarily of themselves. In-group considerations affect hiring and promotions with closer in-groups they are cold or even hostile to out-groups. Personal relationships prevail over task and company. Communication is indirect and the harmony of the group has to be maintained, open conflicts and avoided. Recruiting mature labours may have pros and cons but as we design in such a way that benefits all, the cons will be lessen. With even more successes for our business and the nation as we increases the economic by providing


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